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Man Vs Nature – Why Humans Build Their Own Habitat

Dear human, I hate to burst your bubble or your species centric attitude towards other animals on this planet, but you’d be surprised how smart some of these other animals are. Not long ago, I was having a discussion with a rather devout religious fellow about why humans have dominated the planet and are able to build her own habitat, whereas animals aren’t smart enough to do this. Indeed, I found his religious filter rather alarming because as far as I’m concerned there is evidence everywhere that many different types of species build their own habitats. Okay so let’s talk shall we? บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

We know that insects build their own habitats, for instance ants, beehives, spiders, and wasps. We know that other animals do as well for instance rodents, birds, and how about beavers? In fact beavers have built something so large you can see it from outer space. There is a place in Canada where beavers have built their own gigantic logjam where thousands of them live. Sea creatures build their own habitats as well. Now then some people might say that there are other intelligent species on the planet that are mammals such as elephants, chimpanzees, and dolphins but they aren’t necessarily building their own habitats.

No, but since those species are better evolved to survive outside they don’t really need to. The chimpanzees live up in the tree tops, they have everything they need, and the other animals don’t have a lot of dexterity, and they don’t really need it because they are completely evolved and well adapted to live there. This doesn’t mean they aren’t as smart as you might think. Elephants have been able to paint pictures for instance, and they have better long-term memories, and chimpanzees have better short-term memories then even humans do. So take that human.

In many regards you could say that humans are weak and frail, and temperature adverse. They don’t do too well when it is very hot or very cold. Instead, they had to seek shelter, such as living in a cave, or building their own shelter. Modern man builds houses, buildings, condos, apartments, and all sorts of other habitats to live in. In fact, thankfully we have a very strong brain, so one day we will go to other planets and build habitats there too.

When it comes to man versus nature, and the reason that humans build their own habitat, the real answer is because they have to, and they are able to because of their large brain, but you must also understand that even very small brains such as insects are able to build incredible habitats for themselves. Be careful with your species centric belief system. I guess that’s my main comment here today. Please consider all this and think on it.


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